Want to kick-up your meatloaf recipe? Use SWEET HEAT in place of your regular topping and it is no longer, "Just a meatloaf!"
SWEET HEAT and tri-tip are made for each other. Whether you barbeque with it or spread it on a roll for a great tri-tip sandwich it is a match made in heaven.
Barbeque chicken will never be the same smothered in SWEET HEAT! Just coat your chicken the last 10 or 15 minutes on the barbeque and your guests will be asking you for the recipe.
Quesadilla's can be on the bland side with just tortillas and cheese. You will not believe your taste buds with a liberal helping of SWEET HEAT hidden in the middle. It tastes like a complete meal. Just make sure you have plenty of tortillas on hand for seconds and thirds.
You really can complement any meat dish with SWEET HEAT. I have received great comments when it has been used with pork, lamb, and roast beef. Please feel free to e-mail us your SWEET HEAT success stories, we would love to pass them along.
Use SWEET HEAT on top of cream cheese and a Ritz cracker for an easy but tasty snack.
If your family is anything like mine your supply of SWEET HEAT will be history in a matter of minutes with a bag of tortilla chips. It really is addicting!

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